NFT technology: from authentication to impressive collections

If you are looking for unusual solutions to attract new audiences, for advertising, creating newsbreaks and even verifying the authenticity of goods, you can test your ideas on Funrise. Without significant time and financial costs

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wide scope of application
Different companies use NFT technology: Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Visa, Gucci, DG, Burberry, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, Time, CNN, FoxNews.

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Celebs also do it: actors, musicians, filmmakers, bloggers. Between persons who collect NFT’s are Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Ellen Lee DeGeneres, Grimes and Elon Musk surely

5 cases for your attention
how brands and companies use NFT technology
Warner Brothers NFT Collection
90 thousand unique NFT assets were released based on the movie "Space Jam-2" as a part of the promo campaign
NFT Tickets
Atlas Weekend Music Festival has released a series of special NFT tickets, including a lifetime VIP pass
Rare pictures of Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain's last photo shoot was sold as an NFT Collection for almost $80K
Lottery from Burger King
Burger King placed QR codes on more than 6 million boxes of food, which gave customers access to collectible NFT. As prizes there were souvenirs with autographs of popular artists, the opportunity to talk to them on the phone and free Burger King sandwiches
Forbes magazine cover
Forbes magazine auctioned a cover converted to NFT for $333K
Cost-efficiency, speed and transparency
Compared to the costs of classical promotion tools, the costs of creating and implementing NFT companies are much lower: both in time and money.

A significant benefit: an NFT asset cannot be forged. You can be sure that your audience will get exactly what was promised. This does not require any additional verification systems. Even in the case of unauthorized copies, the value of the original items is only growing
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Variety of content
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No fakes
Content is sold directly from your social network. Your subscribers can be sure that NFTs uploaded from your account are genuine
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