NFT technology: any post can become an asset

If you can often predict which post will gain popularity and you want to try yourself in content trading without risks - start trading on Funrise. You don't need a special crypto-background

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Any post you see on a social network - from a series of challenges in TikTok to a collection of your first photos on Instagram - can turn out to be an expensive asset
This is made possible thanks to NFT technology (to learn more about what it is and how it works, check out our help center)
Unlike traditional investment tools, which are not always easy to understand, NFT trading is an affordable way to try yourself as a trader. You buy assets that you are well versed in and the value of which you can evaluate on a daily basis just by reading social networks.

The average initial cost of one asset is ~$850, the average resale value is ~$1745. The NFT market is young, it is often called a "window of opportunity". Now there are no strict rules and key players, many niches are still free. One of them is digital content from social networks.
5 reasons to trade NFT
earn money by reselling assets directly on Funrise
the amount of initial investment is minimal, and the potential benefit is tangible - why not try it?
the ability to influence the popularity of creators and theis content
the fact that you buy this or that asset itself can increase the demand for such content hundreds of times
perfect moment
become a key player in the developing niche of content trading
asset diversification
here you can quickly practice trading and diversify your digital assets, hone your trading skills, test hypotheses and see what happens
Why Funrise
It's easy
Registration by phone number
Without tedious checks and waiting an approval from the platform
Variety of content
Everything posted on social networks can be sold on Funrise
No fakes
Content is sold directly from your social network. Your subscribers can be sure that NFTs uploaded from your account are genuine
Funrise Hype Index COMING SOON
Hype index helps sellers and buyers navigate prices in the new NFT market

We are always open for ideas and suggestions and will be glad to see you at Funrise

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