NFT technology for creators: earn money by selling your posts from social networks

If you generate the content that audience loves and expects, it's easу to sell it as NFT on Funrise

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Any TikTok, a photo with a cat and even some ugly selfies today can become digital assets that bring profit
It becomes possible thanks to NFT technology (to learn more about what it is and how it works, check out our help center)
Trade without limits
NFТ technology makes it possible to earn extra money on social networks posts.

On Funrise, one post can be traded in an unlimited number of copies, and income can be received both from direct sale and from each resale. (read more about smart royalty here).

Whenever a user resells your NFT, you get a percentage from it.
5 reasons to sell NFT
additional monetization
продавай уже существующий или новый контент прямо из своих соцсетей
quickly find funds for your projects
anticipate the release of a new content, make early access or exclusive sales for a limited number of subscribers
a new format of interaction
play NFT collections and try out non-standard competitive mechanics
attract a new target audience to your blog and field of activity
Why Funrise
It's easy
Registration by phone number
Without tedious checks and waiting an approval from the platform
Variety of content
We do not set a rigid conceptual framework. Everything posted on your social networks can be sold on Funrise
No fakes
Content is sold directly from your social network. Your subscribers can be sure that NFTs uploaded from your account are genuine
Funrise Hype Index COMING SOON
Hype index helps sellers and buyers navigate prices in the new NFT market
Funbook for creators
Be inspired by non-standard ideas to come up with your own

We believe that all good things should be shared. Therefore, we have developed a Funbook - a guide for those who are working on creating content and want to learn about the possibilities of packaging it for sale as an NFT. You can download it <here>, you don't need to pay anything

We are always open for ideas and suggestions. We will be glad to see you at Funrise
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