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$14 bln
NFT market size 2021
1,7 mln
NFTs sold since the beginning of the year
NFT deals everyday
$3.4 bln
Volume of NFT transactions for August'21
$11,6 mln
for NFT of a music album Dj 3LAU
average initial price
average resale price
$11.8 mln
for the most expensive cryptopank
for NFT of Sophia the Robot
38 000 %
Increase in NFT trading volume compared to last year
~ 80 000
Number of active crypto wallets
~ 40 000
Number of active sellers
~ 65 000
Number of active buyers
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Today many people are starting to sell digital content, but why? Read our digest to dive into the topic of NFT and understand why people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that can simply be copied
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Why do people trade NFT?
NFT technology has globally raised the question: what is the value of things in a world where almost everything is virtualized? An answer is the sale of the most unexpected objects — memes, gifs, posts — that nobody has any idea to evaluate.

The technology made it possible to "hang" a special tag on each object, where the name of its owner is written instead of the brand name. It's a kind of "user-centricity economy". And since there are no established rules, like everything new, this raises a lot of questions and skepticism. This is an absolutely natural way for any innovative solutions. For example in the late 80s, just two years before Apple released its first home computer, president of Digital Equipment Corporation Ken Olsen uttered the phrase: "There is absolutely no need for a person to have a computer at home." And here we are. 

People trade NFT because it is an easy way to make money on sale or resale. For example, it costs you nothing today to spend a couple of dollars to buy a selfie of a novice blogger. Now imagine that tomorrow it turns out to be the second Madonna or Michael Jackson. The amount of such an asset can immediately transform in six digits.

In addition, NFT technology democratizes the idea of collecting. To start collecting the history of the Internet, social networks or a separate blogger you do not need to spend half of your life trying to join a closed and competitive community of professional collectors. And the cost of most assets allows any user to try a new role.

It turns out:

  • People trade NFT because it is an opportunity to earn and realize their ideas
  • There are no rules. They are being formed before our eyes
  • Anyone can try to trade NFT. Nothing but curiosity is needed for this
How does the NFT market work?
The NFT market is divided into several thematic segments: art, games, sports, collections. The most popular segment - the share of more than 70% - collections, they are bought most often.

The NFT market is young. Despite the emergence of NFT technology in 2017, the process of mass adaptation began only in March 2021. The market is actively developing, experiencing its ups and downs, it is characterized by volatility, but this is natural for a new and emerging environment. The market volume for 2021 exceeded $12 billion, which is almost twice as much as last year.

Many people are optimistic about NFT technology: it has already become clear that its scope of application is huge, and speed, transparency and cost-effectiveness are attractive not only for user tasks solving, but also for large companies and brands.


  • The NFT market is young, developing, but has already proven its worth
  • Most popular segments: art, games, sports and collections
  • Marketplaces are like supermarkets: they are different
  • The rules of trade are the same everywhere
What can I do with NFT?
Sell, buy, resell, give, collect and destroy ) 

p.s instead of 6 verbs, it's better to try it yourself - you can start funrising at any time!
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