We are a digital content exchange where users can easily sell, buy and collect posts from social networks
Funrise: it's easy to trade content
To start trading on Funrise, you do not need anything: no special knowledge, no long-term experience, no art education
We strive for simplicity, accessibility and benefits for everyone
We don't have a strict conceptual framework regarding content — you can sell any posts from social networks on Funrise
We use eco-blockchain and NFT technologies to ensure transparency and security of all processes
We speak simply about the most difficult things and help to understand everything
The easiest way to estimate
the cost of content
We know how difficult it is for a user to navigate prices: why does a post from Twitter cost a dollar, and an image of a stone costs a million?

How to guess what kind of content will increase in price and how to assign it? To do this, we came up with the Funrise hype index
The index allows you to quickly navigate the pricing in the NFT market
How many followers does the author have? How much does such content usually cost? How many views does it have? Our Hype Index regards all this
Therefore Funrise runs on an eco-friendly blockchain
We adore and promote digital content trading, but we understand that the source for its creation has always been and will always be the real world, which we love no less than the virtual one
The real world matters